Exclusive to the British Isles, the Red Grouse is arguably the most esteemed of our native gamebirds.

Living on open moorland with a diet of berries and young heather, the Red Grouse is a purely wild game bird. Attempts to rear them artificially have never been successful. Strong and fast in flight, (reaching speeds of 100kph as they hug the contours of the moor) the Red Grouse is the ultimate sporting game bird drawing sportsmen from all corners of the globe to test their shooting skills against this challenging and delightful adversary.

Grouse are also highly prized for their culinary properties, deliciously rich in flavour and highly-sought after by top restaurants and pubs. An age-old tradition still exists, where grouse shot on the glorious 12th, the opening day of the season, are quickly shipped from the moors of northern England and Scotland to feature on the menus of top UK restaurants later that day.