Common Snipe

The Common Snipe is one of our most interesting and testing game birds. Flushing from 'snipe bogs' with incredible acceleration and an unpredictable rapid flight pattern, this bird is capable of leaving the most seasoned of shots with nothing to declare but smoking barrels.

It is estimated that the UK has 80,000 breeding resident pairs of Snipe with an estimated 1.1 million birds which return each year to overwinter. Snipe, being a wetland species, are often found in good numbers on the wettest ground, preferably churned up by cattle, making it hard walking at the best of times.

Snipe are a versatile little bird found on moor, farmland, wetland and marshes. Like woodcock, the weather influences their numbers in any one area. During cold spells, Snipe start to move across the country looking for non-frozen feeding grounds. This can help to concentrate numbers and provide exciting and very testing shooting.