Wild boar

Wild boar are one of the most widespread and of the native large game species within Europe. 

Wild boar can be found abundantly throughout most of Europe. Their average weight is 50–90 kg (110–200 pounds), though boars show a great deal of weight variation within their geographical ranges.

Mature males commonly live alone and form a territory of their own, except for in the rutting season when they join the herds of sows and young. The rut typically peaks mid autumn and lasts for approximately one month. 

Wild boar can cause devastation to crops and their numbers have to be closely mangaged. The most effective way to hunt boar is to drive them out of cover towards a team of standing rifles.

Driven boar hunting is considered by many European hunters as the most exhilarating form wild game hunting and the excitement leading up to the hunt is commonly known as 'boar fever'.