Muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi)

Muntjac were first introduced from China to Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire in the early 20th century. Escapes quickly led to feral populations and they are now widespread and increasing in numbers and range throughout Britain.

Their preferred habitat is dense woodland with thick understorey, providing food and cover.

Stalking Muntjac can be challenging, frustrating and rewarding. The stalker must be an efficient and skilled marksman. The chance of a shot at these small deer often only presents itself for a split second, as the deer appears from one area of dense vegetation and quickly vanishes into another.

If alerted, Muntjac will bark alarmingly, helpfully educating the rest of the deer within earshot to the stalker's presence.

Unlike all other UK deer species, the Muntjac has no closed hunting season. This is because they have no defined rutting season and therefore breed all year round.