Japanese Sika (Cervus nippon)

Sika were first introduced into Britain from Asia in 1860 and kept in deer parks, from which they escaped.

Their UK establishment in the wild is localised to certain areas, except in Scotland where they are now widespread. They are a secretive species, with their preferred habitats being dense woodland and heathland.

For many hunters, Sika are considered the jewel-in-the-crown of all our UK species and they are highly sought-after as trophies. The Sika rut runs from late September to November. During this period, Sika stags emit eerie high-pitched whistles and screams. To experience these unforgettable sounds in the growing darkness can leave your hairs standing on end!

Sika are most active during the hours of darkness, making them a difficult adversary. They are often only seen as silhouettes at first and last light. Several outings are often required before a successful stalk will result.