Private Deer Parks

For centuries deer parks have existed in Britain as a source of venison and for their asthetics qualites. Through special arrangement we offer exclusive access to some of the finest private deer parks in the south of England.

Each year we are able to offer a limited number of world class trophies through necessary annual park cull programs. This includes a variety of deer species such as Red Deer, Fallow, Pere David, Barasingha and Manchurian Sika.

Professional hunting guides personally accompany and assist each of our clients throughout the day. The guide is responsible for your safety and for selecting suitable trophy animals to be culled.

During the day lunch and drinks will be provided on request. We can recommend local hotels and restaurants for you to stay and dine in if you wish.

We will arrange for your trophy or trophies and venison if you wish to be prepared and arrange shipping to the final destination for you.