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Phiz from Viscount Sporting Estates hosts U.S TV huntress Larysa Switlyk on Fieldsports Britain.

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Swarovski partnership and 10X42 EL Range binoculars


At Viscount Sporting we’re proud to announce our partnership with Swarovski Optik.

We have chosen to work with “the green team” because we believe they’re the best on the market.

We say that for three key reasons. Optics clarity, build quality and after market care.

We already have great experience with the Swarovski products and look forward to more in the future.

Following our partnership we’ve taken delivery of their EL Range 10×42 binoculars, just in time for the opening of the fallow buck season.

They come with a full set of ranging features, including ballistics compensation. Features that will help us know when to make a pass on a shot, even in unfamiliar terrain.

We chose the 10× magnification to give us an edge when assessing the quality of antlers of all species. The larger magnification will also come in handy on the hill!

We will keep you posted on using the binoculars and updates on our work with Swarovski.

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A successful first season at our Great Strudgates shoot

Viscount Sporting Great Strudgate pheasant shoot

In May 2015 we started work on building release pens for our new shoot, Great Strudgates on Paddockhurst Estate.

Nine months have quickly passed since the first posts for the pen were knocked in, and a week ago the 2015/2016 shooting season finished. 

Our first season has been an incredible success and we have already been over subscribed for next season with requests from the guns who shot with us.

For 2016/2017 we are developing a second shoot on Penns Estate in East Sussex. 

The shoot will be a blue print of Great Strudgates, offering 100 - 125 bird driven days with the emphasis on quality over quantity.

Here are a few testimonials from the season that just closed.

Charlie Burchell (A very satisfied Punter)

“Very unique to find a hundred bird day with quality, company, and top class hospitality” There you have it three in one!”

James Bailey 

"I would like to pass on the thanks of the South Eastern Gundog Society, the guns, the judges and the competitors to Phiz and the team at Viscount Sporting Estates for hosting a fantastic driven day in January 2016 for a novice retriever field trial. Phiz and his team were keen to understand before the day what everyone was looking to achieve, and then worked tirelessly to ensure an excellent day from start to finish. From having no previous experience of hosting retriever field trials to delivering such a successfully day speaks volumes about the service Viscount offer. Even the smallest of details were considered, thought out and taken care of. Phiz and the Viscount team were always attentive to the guns, the judges and the competitors and the resulting atmosphere could not have been better. Nothing was too much trouble.

The quality of the birds and the shooting was excellent (especially for so late in the season), and the terrain - in a beautifully wooded part of West Sussex - gave a picturesque backdrop and great scope to test the fourteen competing Labradors and their handlers. The shoot hut at Great Strudgates made an ideal setting to meet for breakfast and to present the awards at the conclusion of the competition. The infrastructure around the shoot made it easy to move the twenty plus vehicles during the day, when it could so easily have been a logistical nightmare.

The guns and the South Eastern Gundog Society very much look forward to returning in the 2016/ 2017 season.”


“Thank you both for three enjoyable days shooting this winter. You two plus your team have managed to produce a day in the field that gives no hint of commercialism. I feel that we are privileged to join you for an armed lunch at your country club. Please keep that ambience and you will do very well.”

Martin Mitchell

“Many thanks for a great days shooting. Excellent beating, efficient organisation, great terrain and quality birds. We are definitely interested in booking for next season.”

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.270 Winchester - a workhorse cartridge


The cartridge was an important choice when selecting our new Blaser R8 rifles. We decided on the .270 Winchester.

Our three key reasons were:

  • Sufficient knock down power
  • Manageable recoil
  • Good availability of factory ammunition

Most cartridges are adequate to humanely dispatch deer over the relatively short ranges we shoot when woodland stalking. Given the Blaser rifles are our all-round estate rifles we wanted something that would also suffice when stalking red deer in the open terrain of Scotland or Cumbria. With a case that is based on the .30-06, but necked down to take a 0.277 bullet, the flat shooting and hard hitting .270 Win fit the bill well.

We also had to consider that the rifles are used by a variety of clients, so we wanted a calibre with manageable recoil. Although it is a step up from a .243 Win or .308 Win in hitting power, the .270 Win is still not a recoil monster.

Additionally, the shape of the Blaser R8 Professional Success stock ensures that the rifle is driven straight back into the shoulder. That reduces felt recoil. Combined with a sound moderator this means that our Blaser rifles are very manageable to shoot. This is important for clients who shoot an unfamiliar rifle in unfamiliar terrain.

Finally, for insurance reasons, we only provide factory ammunition for our clients to use. The .270 Win is a common calibre in the UK and around the world, making the logistics of purchasing ammunition a little more straight forwards.

It’s relatively easy to get theoretical when selecting cartridges and there is a lot of overlap between the different choices. Throw in other factors like bullet selection the choice can get downright confusing. For us the .270 Win is a no-nonsense and practical choice. We will keep you posted on how we put it to use in our new Blaser rifles.

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