About us

Viscount Sporting Estates is a boutique British sporting agency based in Royal Tunbridge Wells. We specialise in offering high quality wild game hunting experiences that are sustainable and of a 'fair-chase' nature.

Our offers reflect this ethos by focusing on game species that provide purist wild hunting experiences. They are heavily focused on providing real hunting challenges which require commitment and a fair attitude from the sportsman. We are not driven by the desire to provide high volume shooting with large bags of game purely for the sake of entertainment. 

We believe that taking a responsible approach to the hunting and management of each game species helps to benefit the environment, the wildlife it supports and also the local communities which benefit from visiting sportsmen and women. 

All the game shot or caught on our estates is either taken by clients for self-consumption, sold locally or to a licensed game dealer. We do not endorse hunting of endangered exotic species or non-edible game species for trophies.

Our own in-house estates in both East and West Sussex are conveniently located approximately 1 hour away from Central London by train. We manage game shooting and deer stalking on these estates.